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Now that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is calming down and lots of countries relaxing their restrictions. A reasonable normal live can continue. However, there is still a lot of benefits that working from home offers.  

85% of people in the creative industry are already working remotely and are enjoying the benefits. You can save time and money if you do not have to commute to work everyday.  

Here is some more of the fantastic benefits. Working from home provides a quieter work environment which decreases distractions and increases productivity. Working from home helps a person to stay close to family and friends. As long as the technology is available to do so, traveling the world and relocating to beautiful locations is easy peasy.  

People working from home is more productive.

Remote working may not always be sunshine and roses, but mental health figures show that most people have benefited from the arrangement. 
They are less prone to burnout 
They are more productive and their mental health is better than that of those who work in an office 
To the surprise of researchers, home-based workers communicate more often with colleagues compared to co-workers in a traditional office setting. HR Future says employees who work away from the office are less criticized, feel they have more time to maintain a proper work-life balance and say they are less stressed than office-based workers. 
They are more likely to take care of their physical health 

By skipping commutes, employees have more resources to spend on their health and personal well-being. They do not need to brave the traffic, which means that they generally have lower stress levels than their peers who work in an office. The time they save by not traveling gives them space to exercise and even cut an owl over mealtime. All of these factors improve people’s physical and mental health. 
They say they are more satisfied with life 

Employees who work from home generally have a sense of control and autonomy. With the freedom to deliver outputs without the added stress of an office, home-based employees feel more satisfied with their personal and work lives. 
They are more likely to be involved in their workplace 

Remote workers’ higher level of job satisfaction is accompanied by a lower level of intention to leave their current employee. Research on the effect of teleworking on employees’ work involvement has shown that teleworkers are mostly satisfied with how they collaborate, communicate and socialize with their colleagues. 
They are more proactive  

Research has shown that, compared to those who work in an office, home-based employees feel that they have more autonomy and play an active role in their team. They say they are more proactive by, for example, coming up with new ideas or by taking on tasks on their own initiative. 

We realise this will not work for everyone and requires discipline. Still it will help the planet and traffic will be less. It is surely the way for the future. With the petrol price it has become way more expensive to drive and the knock-on effect fuel price has on cost of living. 

When possible we believe people should be given the option. Even a few days a week of working from home can be beneficial. Have your say? 

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